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Today's Ninety-Nines are women pilots who love to fly. Many fly solely for pleasure; others are professional pilots flying for airlines, industry, and government. Our members are from every walk of life and include flight instructors and mechanics. But first and foremost, we are women who, just like you, love to fly!

Former FWP joins new FWPs, January 2009
Long-time member and former FWP, Faith Hillman,
now a Captain for Continental Airlines,
joins guests Kelsey Lomen, Mindy Jacobson, Leonie Darcel,
and Kelly Stacy at our January 2009 chapter meeting.

Kelsey Lomen (pictured above, second from left) had one of her flights filmed by mentor John Jones. See it at "Kelsey's Flight" January 2010!

Future Women Pilots Program

The FWP Program is designed to assist women in obtaining their Private Pilot Certificates. We provide encouragement, educational events and seminars, and the guidance of other women pilots along with small financial awards for achievement.

Call, write, or come to a meeting and we will offer to match you with your very own mentor someone to applaud the ecstasies and encourage you through the tough times as well. Once accepted into the program, achievements must be within thirty-six months to qualify for financial award.

Regardless of whether or not you join the program, the emotional support is immeasurable, and the camaraderie is never-ending!

FWP Genesis Rivas rides in a WWII B-17, April 2006
In 2006, FWP Genesis Rivas took a ride in a WWII B-17.
Genesis is now a licensed pilot and is completing
her undergraduate degree.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday with one exception: July is dark. See meeting information and Event Calendar.

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