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What is Aviation Explorers Post 747?

Exploring is part of the Learning for Life Program. Originally part of the Boy Scouts of America, they have now formed their own entity with their own non-discrimination policy. The Exploring Program is for young adults (male and female) ages 14 to 20, and is carried out through an Explorer Post.

How Are We Involved?

Currently, there are several 99s already working with this group of great kids who ALL want to learn how to fly. Ruth Logan and Lois Peck started the group, and help plan meetings. There have been volunteer 99 pilots for field trips to the Santa Monica Museum of Flying and the Camarillo Commemorative Museum. Volunteer pilots have included Jeanne Fenimore, Jeanne Kirhofer, Ruth Logan, Lois Peck, and Ceci Stratford.

Are There Other Explorers Programs? What Is The Purpose?

There are Police, Fire, Paramedic and Highway Patrol Explorer Posts, and now an Aviation Explorer Post. The purpose of the Aviation Explorers is to provide experiences that will affect the positive development of youth at a critical stage in their lives and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults. The post is led by elected youth officers. Young adults join to gain insight through fun-filled programs and hands-on activities provided by adult committee volunteers, youth participants, and other consultants from the community. The Aviation Explorers based at Whiteman Airport are interested in careers in aviation. The leaders provide them with the tools to meet their personal goals.

What Progress Has Been Made?

Post 747 is about to finish up their first year. During the past year they have worked hard and are close to completing the requirements for the Learning for Life Aviation Career Achievement Award. Three have signed up for the Congressional (that's the U.S. Congress) Gold Medal Award, with learning to fly as their goal. Besides meeting their goal, they will have to do community service, physical fitness and three exploration activities.

You Tube Videos

06/14/2014 - "SFV 99s Thank You Video" (3:21)
Nick Meyer, remotely accepting SFV 99s Career Scholarship toward goal of Air Traffic Control (ATC), as classes at the University of North Dakota Fargo were still in session.

07/21/2013 - "Gliding" (3:15)
Southern California Soaring Academy at Crystalaire Airport. Video by Explorer Nick Meyer. Nick mounted GoPro cameras on to the tail and one wing of the glider he went up in. Hold on to your hat!

04/19/2011 - "The B-17 Bomber, Van Nuys to Lancaster" (11:42)
What a joy to see two teenagers enjoying a flight of a lifetime! Kelsey Lomen is a pilot, Aviation Explorer, and 99. Kendra is an Aviation Explorer and applying to become a Future Woman Pilot with the 99s. Video by Ruth's son-in-law, Mark Dahl.

08/28/2013 - " The B-17 Bomber, Van Nuys to Lancaster" (4:00)
See what it's like to take flight for your very first ride in an airplane in this shortened Young Eagles Flight. Pilot Jerry Sorrell, Video by George Ford for EAA Chapter 1111 Experimental Aircraft Association.

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